Truffled Wild Turkey-Anyone?

Can a more perfect match be found for the indulgence and excess of ones Thanksgiving Feast? We Americans apparently aren’t the only ones who enjoy a good old stuffed bird as it is the French that took it to a whole new level having dined upon Dinde Truffee centuries ago. According to Brillat-Savarin, the father of French gastronomy, wealthy Parisians were consuming hundreds of Truffle Stuffed Wild Turkeys in the late 1700’s from November to March, coinciding with the Truffle Harvests. The recipe was quite simple 3-4 lbs of truffles poached in lard stuffed into the turkey with truffle slices slipped under the skin for good measure. The bird was to sit for a couple days to infuse the flavor and then wrapped in fat and roasted (bard). At today’s going rate of up to $2,000lb for Alba White Truffles(T. Magnatum) it would be surprising if Truffled Wild Turkeys were available for anyone!

Apparently the Coyotes at the ranch didn’t get the message… whilst traipsing through the truffiere several weeks ago trying to ascertain the ripening of the Perigords under foot, the Truffle Huntress and I came upon what appeared to be very limited remnants of one of the resident wild turkeys. A few long tail feathers and a half dollar size of skin with a few pin feathers was all that remained. It certainly explained the ruckus we had heard the night before coming from what seemed to be right outside the door. It was actually quite frightening as it was nothing like we had heard before; the yips and howls that we hear nightly in the distance. It apparently was a full on feeding frenzy with growling, shrieking, crying and screaming that lasted for only about a minute but seemed like twenty as it sent shivers down my spine as they finished off their kill. I hadn’t contemplated that we could have a resident pack on premises and it got me thinking….

Were those damn Turkeys scratching up and eating the truffles from our Tesoro Mio? I had seem them in the truffiere previously and they had even left their calling card of scratching marks and small divots but I had assumed that they were eating the hazelnuts from the truffle trees, snails and unwelcomed insects and had considered them friend. Could it be possible that they were instead infusing themselves with truffles albeit immature?? As expected the sightings of wilds turkeys become scarce prior to the preparation for the holiday feast. I wont have a chance to test the hypothesis this year but have put the wheels in motion to make sure we have it all figured out in the weeks and months to come. As for the Truffled Wild Turkey, I am hoping that I will have the opportunity to try the Dinde Truffee next year stuffed with Tesoro Mio Perigords. In the meantime I have found a great website to order fresh wild turkeys and truffle butter for a lighter version of Dinde Truffe. I’ll let you know how it goes and you let me know if your interested in learning more about the website.
Wishing you the bounty of the season!

Every day we’re Trufflin’
Staci & Mila aka Truffle Huntress